I am currently a second-year university student studying Medicine at the University of Exeter. I have 4 A-levels (Three A-star and one A). I have a passion for teaching Mathematics at AS-level and below, but I could also teach A-level mathematics to any keen beans. I have previously tutored at a Kumon Institute in Nottingham; where I taught mathematics to an array of school students. I'm always very happy to share my knowledge of mathematics, and with an A-star at A-level in both Further Mathematics and Mathematics, I'm confident I can provide useful knowledge to pupils. I am very encouraging and patient with pupils; with many skills and hours of experience from my tutoring at the Kumon Institute aiding my ability to ensure the pupils are happy with my tutoring. / Because I am studying Medicine; I am happy to give advice and tips to anyone wanting to pursue a career in Medicine. / I have not had formal experience in teaching Biology but I have given many crash courses on topics to fellow peers in college. I am also interested very much in the functionality of the Human body; hence my passion for becoming a doctor, and so I would love to teach human biology. / I charge little compared to other tutors, firstly, because I don't have a formal qualification in teaching and secondly, because I want to give those that are "disadvantaged" an equal chance at obtaining knowledge to those who are "advantaged".


A-Levels:- Further Mathematics, Mathematics & Chemistry (A-star) | Biology(A)

AS-Levels:- Further Mathematics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology (A)

GCSE:- Further Mathematics (A-StarStar) | Mathematics, Computing, Chemistry, Physics, Religious Studies (A-Star) | Resistant Materials, English Language,History, Business Studies & Biology (A)



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