Hibba S.

Hibba S.

£30 per hour

Hi, I am a graduate from Queen Mary University London in Biomedical Science and have been tutoring for three years. My work in the past three years includes tutoring Biology and Chemistry up to A levels and have tutored university students in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biomedical Sciences at degree level. Having accomplished straight A’s in Biology, Chemistry and Economics in A-levels, I understand how important it is to do well and have the tools to make it possible. The key to exam success is perfecting exam technique and understanding the key concepts and topics which examiners expect you to know in preparation for your exams. Everyone can achieve it! I believe the most important part to be a good tutor is understanding each individual’s style of learning and developing strategies that complement it. Please write me a message to get in touch; I’d be happy to help.


I think that my teacher is very well prepared as she researches activities and her efforts to trying different approaches to teaching me is very helpful. I also believe that she is very caring and understanding as she will help you to understand the topic using different sources and examples.


She is very nice, well-explained and very helpful. Those complicated topics, she helps me to understand very well!


It was surprising how easily I got all my doubts solved. All the doubts that I had been running around trying to solve and all the doubts that had been accumulating on my desk, piling on top of one another like an ever-growing dense mass suffocating me, had finally been cleared in an hour and a half, I believe. It was very efficient and to know that you've got a reliable support waiting for you on the internet (friendly, too) is an immense comfort to the panicked, malnourished, hectic student mind.

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