Holly S.

Holly S.

£33.33 per hour

I am an Art History Graduate (BA and Masters) who worked in Art Business before completing a CELTA course to teach English as a foreign language. I love the subjects I’ve studied and am always passionate to share these with others. I’ve been privileged enough to have enjoyed studying and through teaching and tutoring I aim to encourage and enthuse learners too. I’m driven to support learners and see them achieve their full potential

I’ve taught both adults and children in group and individual classes, as a teacher in private language schools, in companies and at home to students. I work freelance, creating my own materials based on my students’ needs and preferences. I’ve recently returned from Rome where, among other teaching, I supported several children and teenagers through their studies.

I’m personable, enthusiastic and energetic and this is reflected in my approach to tutoring. I make sure that I engage with the learner so that we can work together to achieve. I always tailor a session to the learner taking into account their strengths, weaknesses, personal and educational aims. I elicit information as much as possible to increase confidence and ensure that both the learner and myself are happy with the outcome of each session.

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