Imran  G.

Imran G.

£20 per hour

I am a hard-working, energetic individual with passion for teaching and tutoring. I have studied the Arabic language – Modern standard, for over 5 years now as my main degree subject, and I have graduated at the University of Edinburgh at top of my class. In the past year I have taught Arabic and English privately as a personal tutor in both Oman and North Morocco. I have also taught these languages in a private school in Tetouan full time throughout the summer of 2016, and also volunteered at an orphan’s association on weekends. I am also currently mentoring 1st and 2nd year students in the aims to assist them with their grammar and general education in the language and to also help them succeed in their exams. I believe I possess an excellent work ethic, along with dedication and a deep passion for my chosen fields. And due to my previous experience over the years, I have gained the skills necessary to easily undertake any task or project appointed to me by previous employers. In general, I am quick to assess and solve problems, and I am a very friendly and patient person with a very positive attitude. Traits essential for any teacher or interpreter.

I can teach all levels of the Arabic and English languages and of course my lessons are always tailored to my students specific needs.

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