Iosif D.

Iosif D.

£16 per hour

My name is Iosif and I am an Economic student at University of Warwick.I am an undergraduate student with three years of experience on teaching maths. Last year, I received my IB diploma from an International School in Dubai, where I used to live for three years. I also have two younger sisters. I used to help them a lot with their maths studies, as they used to face a lot of challenges. As a consequence I decided to teach younger classes and students in my school for my CAS project. It was a wonderful experience as I was responsible for their understanding of the theory and its applications. The lessons used to take place twice a week, and six of the students asked me for private tutoring as well. Most of them were GCSE students/. However, last year I used to teach three IB students, helping them with their mid-term exams.

I can honestly say that mathematics is my favorite subject. I have participated in three mathematic competitions in Greece where I reached top-200. In addition, for my IB diploma I achieved level 6 for both paper one and paper two in Maths HL.



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