Jai M.

Jai M.

£30 per hour

I am a 5th year Medical Student at St. George's, University of London. I have a BSc, and I am currently in my final 16 months of studies before receiving my MBBS/MD. I have a strong background in GCSE, A Level, and University subjects.

I have done personal tutoring for four years now, and have tutored through SGUL as well. I have worked tutoring other Medical Students, A Level Students, and GCSE Students. I am also a Peer Lecturer and Clinical Skills Teacher at my university.

I tailor my approach to every student. Finding the right balance and meeting the needs of my tutee means everything to me! I am a hard worker, very friendly and approachable, and flexible around timings/location. I am also happy to go above and beyond to provide question banks! I have a lot of experience teaching, and we will work together to become a great team.

I am happy to also assist in the application process to university, as well as offering any university advice.

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