James M.

James M.

£15 per hour

I began teaching English and Drama in 2014, working in China with English First, the worlds largest English language training company. After completing just over a year there, I moved on to working in Hong Kong, where I had been teaching drama up until March this year.

After graduating from Coventry University, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Professional Practice. I am continually honing my skills as a performer and director, taking part in Theatre in Education (TIE) productions in Hong Kong, and more recently engaging in the local art scene in Birmingham.

Other skills I possess that I am happy to share include a B1 level ability of Mandarin Chinese, which I am constantly practicing and improving, with the goal of reaching near fluency within the next 12 months. I am passionate about the Chinese language and history, and would be happy to share this with those who are interested in learning a new language.

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