Joanna G.

Joanna G.

£20 per hour

My first degree is a BE.d followed by specializing in Fine Art and Design Practices using mixed media including a Textile focus at Masters Level. This was an MA in Advanced Arts Practice and Theory and I specialized in Art History and Philosophy where I received a Distinction and Award. I am now studying for my doctorate In Fine Art and Design with Leeds Metropolitan University.

I have taught within the HE sector since 2005 across Foundation level through to Level 7 covering undergraduate to masters. These have been on a number of creative courses, some mixed design as well as Fine Art. Before this I tutored privately form primary level to undergraduate. My teaching experience at primary level meant I tutored maths and English across these levels. The culmination of my experience means I am able to tutor within my specialist areas in addition to English, Writing skills and literature analysis.

As an educator I have been described as passionate about my subject area and thorough. Student feedback has been that I have been able to clarify previous areas that have been misunderstood by them, help them identify their strengths and develop focused thinking towards their subject. I am patient and provide relevant material, targeted appropriately for their level and particularly able to develop work that facilitates the student in their learning.

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