Joe  B.

Joe B.

£40 per hour

I have over 150 hours of tutoring experience, across Geography, English and Science subjects.

I have tutored students online previously and have helped them improve their grades.

With most students I attempt to use a conversational style to tutoring, where the learning is more verbal. So this gives the student the opportunity to ask questions which they may not feel comfortable to in lesson time. Further, I feel it is important to build confidence in students, because this holds them back especially in exams. As at times they do not trust their own ability, which can only limit their success, this is something I attempt to reduce over the time of tutoring. This applies to most subjects, however some subjects require a more strict method such as biology, which relies upon knowledge of the content rather than opinions. Also, I feel it is important students are given the open space to make mistakes and learn from them.

Also, I have been working at Regent High School in Camden, as a teaching assistant and cover teacher specialising in humanities.


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