Joshua F.

Joshua F.

£20 per hour

My name is Josh. I specialise in teaching Mathematics and English vocabulary. And I teach both of these with a style full of animation, passion, and empathy.

I have studied Mathematics to a university level and tutored it to many GCSE students before with tremendous success. Tutoring online is enabling me to emigrate to Germany and reach a doctorate level in the field (so I am extremely motivated). Everything from adding fractions to fractional calculus is part of my repertoire to pass onto you, my dear student.

Now, onto my second talent: Did you know there is a strong correlation between a person's vocabulary and their income? Given the terminological jawbreakers that doctors throw around everyday it makes intuitive sense doesn't it? Wait! Don't crack open your thesaurus just yet! The connection is a very complicated one that I have spent a lot of time researching.

English vocabulary has been a passion of mine ever since I started teaching English as a second language. I have taught this language abroad in Estonia and locally in my touristic hometown. I have even worked as someone who makes dictionaries for a living, a lexicographer! Inquire within and I will give you these powers.

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