Julie D.

Julie D.

£30 per hour

Hi my name is Julie D I will start off by saying that my 2 passions in life are Dance and Maths. Please see the bottom of the page for my dance experience and how I can help you

In all honesty I never understood Maths at school, I used to just sit in the class being completely lost because no-one ever tried to find ways to help me understand. I absolutely love maths now and have achieved high levels with the classes I have taught using fun learning and linking it to things that the children are interested in. For example whether you are interested in football, dancing (which I am) or the x factor! I will incorporate this into our learning. I specialise in key stage 1 and 2 maths and I also believe that practice does make perfect. Children have so much to cover in the curriculum nowadays that very often they will only look at a topic for 1 lesson before moving on to the next. It makes it so hard to retain anything. We will cover and practice anything you need and get you understanding maths and loving it as much as I do!

On a completely different note! I am an experienced teacher of GCSE, A-level and BTEC dance and have also moderated A-level papers in the past. Dancing is my first passion and something that I have done my whole life. I can help with revision for theory papers, explain and dissect professional works and help with choreography too.



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