Juliette I.

Juliette I.

£25 per hour

SPECIALIST ONLINE TUTOR with over 15 years experience in BIOLOGY at GCSE and A-level. Get expert help to improve your grades, whatever your starting point.

What student and parents say:

"My grades had significantly improved from the beginning of the year." "My Daughter came to love biology through Juliette’s teaching style and progressed very well." "Being taught for about 2 months by her had already pulled me up a grade...Would definitely recommend to other students." "great value for money"
"My Daughter came to love biology through Juliette’s teaching style and progressed very well."
"always well prepared and often goes beyond the call of duty"
"Juliette adapted her teaching methods to my style of learning, making almost every concept she explained to me very simple."
"I found Juliette to be extremely professional and adaptable to my daughter’s changing needs. She was able to explain complex concepts in ways my daughter could grasp and made the lessons very enjoyable for her. I would have no hesitation recommending her."
"Juliette worked to a very high standard always explaining concepts in a variety of ways"

I tutor KS3, GCSE and A-level Biology; I may consider other subjects such as biochemistry, nutrition and GCSE chemistry and physics.

With tutoring, there is the freedom to tailor my teaching to exactly what a learner needs - and I love to see their happiness and relief when they finally understand something they've been struggling with, or when they see their grades really improving. Past & present students include NHS laboratory technicians improving their biochemistry, to people applying for medical school, to GCSE students who've been excluded from mainstream schools.

My teaching career began at prestigious Brighton College Independent School in Brighton, UK, as a member of the Science faculty, under Headmaster Sir Anthony Seldon. My degree and background are in biology. As an undergraduate, I assisted with research into roosting behaviour in a species of bat, resulting in a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal. I have an excellent knowledge of the current national curriculum in UK national and Cambridge international boards, and Edexcel Salters-Nuffield. I home-school my own children.



Thanks to Juliette, I got a higher grade in 2 months!

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