Kimberly N.

Kimberly N.

£25 per hour

I teach all ages: BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS - GCSE/O Level and below// MATHS, ADD. MATHS - GCSE/O Level and below; Under-17s Competition Training// ENGLISH, MANDARIN, MALAY - Beginner-Intermediate; Speaking, reading, writing

Flexible hours, most available on weekends. Distance up to 5 miles.

SCHOLASTIC EDUCATION: I am a 1st year BDS Dentistry student at King's College London, and an international student from Malaysia. I am the one and only recipient of the prestigious Malaysian Public Service Department scholarship in my course. Before university, I completed my A Levels (CIE and Edexcel) with 4A*s in Biology(93%), Chemistry(95%), Mathematics(98%) and Physics(96%) at KTJ, an international English-style boarding school in Malaysia. My studies were fully funded by two scholarships: KTJ A Level Scholarship and Malaysian Education Ministry Bursary. Preceding that, I achieved 10A+, 1A and 1B+ in the Malaysian Education Certificate at the age of 17. I am active in Maths competitions. Prizes include: High Distinction in Australian Maths Competition, Silver Medal in Kangaroo Maths Competition etc.

MUSIC EDUCATION: I have been playing the piano for 14 years, and in that period of time achieved Licentiate Diploma in Music Performance (awarded by Trinity College London), Grade 5 in Theory of Music (awarded by ABRSM) and Advanced Certificate Fundamentals (awarded by Yamaha). Besides that, I also play guitar, cello and drums, and achieved Merit in Grade 6 Classical Guitar (TCL). I was a member of my 6th Form College's orchestra and jazz band throughout my time there. I have received training in Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Jazz, Pop, Improvisational, Rock, New Age, Asian Traditional and other genres of music.

LANGUAGE: I am a native speaker of Mandarin, English and Malay. I have studied these 3 subjects formally in school for 11 years, and achieved: Mandarin A+ in Unified Examination Certificate, English IELTS 8.5, Malay A in Malaysian Education Certificate. I also speak basic Cantonese. Growing up in a multilingual country makes me adept at translating between these languages.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: As a House Prefect at boarding school, I oversaw and delivered the pastoral care and academic tutoring of over 60 students aged 13-18 for a period of 1 year. I closely monitored the progress of my tutees and refined my delivery methods.

RELEVANT QUALITIES: 1. As a healthcare professional in training, with experience as a clinical assistant dealing with patients, I am an excellent communicator. I have extensively refined my ability to look at a topic from listeners' perspectives and communicate complex information in a conceivable and interesting format. 2. As the eldest sibling of 4 in a single parent family, I am able to deal with difficult children of all age groups for long periods of time. 3. I am knowledgeable and confident in my areas of expertise. 4. I am adaptable to the learning needs of different people. I plan to constantly review and improve on my teaching style in response to the student's best interests. 5. My teaching style is a balance between giving support and pushing students to achieve and exceed goals. Coming from an conservative Asian primary education, international secondary education and UK tertiary education, I am able to integrate the best aspects of all three types of teaching styles.


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