Kim A.

Kim A.

£20 per hour

I am a 45 year old father of twin boys and I have a PGCE from the University of East London. In July 2006 I began my first teaching post at St. Anne's Roman Catholic Primary School in Shoreditch, teaching a mixed year 3 and 4 class. There I performed all the duties of a class teacher, including registration; teaching and planning sequences of differentiated lessons; dealing with pastoral matters; communicating with parents and writing and implementing I.E.P.s. I also gained experience of marking QCA optional assessments for the children and writing annual reports of the children’s progress. Planning was done as part of a team, and I helped my team to develop interesting and interactive lessons, especially in our successful trialling of the International Primary Curriculum, where most of the Foundation subjects are taught via a single topic. This enabled the children to make links between different areas of their learning. The scheme makes a conscious effort to cater for the different learning styles of all children so that all are given an opportunity to achieve.

In September 2007, I began my second teaching post, as the Year 5 teacher at St. Agnes Roman Catholic Primary School in Bow. In this post I performed all the usual duties of a class teacher, as well as running an after school club for Year 5 children who needed extra support in their Literacy work. I was also responsible for running the school’s Gardening Club and organising the school’s entry in the London Children’s Flower Society Spring bulb growing competition. In November 2007, I also assumed the role of Science co-ordinator at St. Agnes and carried out a full audit of all Science resources in the school, as well as monitoring the planning, delivery, marking and assessment of the Collins New Directions scheme of work for Science. In the Summer term of 2008, I updated the school’s science policy. In the autumn of 2007, the Head Teacher asked me to complete an entry for the school into the Mayor of London’s environmental award for schools. These plans largely focussed on making children, staff and parents more aware of the impact of their behaviour on the local environment. The plans were successful and the school won the Distinction award for Tower Hamlets, which included a cheque for £2000, presented to the school by Mayor Boris Johnson, which the school used to purchase water coolers for every class. I also secured £250 of funding from the National Science and Engineering Week scheme to help the school stage a science event for Science and Engineering week 2009. In May 2008, the school had an Ofsted inspection and my own teaching was judged to be good with outstanding features.

In September 2009, my role changed to that of Support Teacher, providing targeted intervention to children who are underachieving in Literacy and Numeracy at Key Stage 2. I was also responsible for delivering the Science curriculum throughout Key Stage 2. In October 2009, the head teacher asked me to co-ordinate the implementation and delivery of the DFEE‘s One to One Tuition initiative. This involved meeting with the current Year 5 teacher in order to select the children we were targeting and setting targets for them; as well as identifying staff who were happy to tutor children and arranging a tuition time table. I have also supported and observed the current Year 5 teacher, who was completing his NQT year, on a number of occasions.

From September 2010, I combined the roles of Year 2 teacher and Secondary Drama teacher at Raphael Independent School. In late September of that year, the school was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, and the report commented that my own teaching lead to “excellent learning”. I also ran a Junior Chess club at the school.

In May 2011, I started teaching at my current school Oaklands Prep in Loughton. I spent two years as a Year 2 teacher, which involved preparing children for 7+ Entrance Exams to other local independent schools. In September 2013, I took up the role of Year 6 teacher following a staff retirement. This role involves preparing children for 11+ Entrance exams. At Oaklands I have also spent two year as Key Stage 1 Literacy co-ordinator and have recently taken on the role of Key Stage 2 Maths co-ordinator.



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