King  E.

King E.

£30 per hour

Hi, I am an undergraduate student at UCL studying History, Politics and Economics. I have tutored/taught for about 2-3 years, 2 years in London and a year abroad in Beijing covering predominately Economics and Mathematics. In Mathematics, I have taught between primary school level (ages 8) to A Level Maths (ages 17/18) and in Economics I've covered A Level Economics. In short, the age range of my pupil which I have taught the two subjects is between 5 - 18 years old.

Apart from Economics/Mathematics, whilst in Beijing, I've taught Chinese students English (ESL). In this, I taught 4 students (between ages 13 - 38) Oral English, English Grammar and also English Language/Literature. Meanwhile, working for the tutoring companies, I was a part-time curriculum developer for KET (Cambridge Examination at Primary School Level) and have gained familiarity with that.

My way of teaching is entirely dependent on each student, their respective abilities and current level. In general, I make sure that my lessons are not only interesting but also intellectually stimulating. After the first lesson, I would create lesson plans for the current month, set targets to achieve and remake another set of lesson plans by the end of the month. This way it ensures that each of my students has lessons that are entirely tailored to their level and will also ensure that they make progress.

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