Kristina  J.

Kristina J.

£20 per hour

I am a teacher and have been working in colleges for the last 4 years. I enjoy teaching and helping others to realise their potential and the tools that they need to become independent and confident in their knowledge and interpretation.

I am widely read and take on a range of courses and training to help reach individual styles of learning. My degree and Masters are in Social Sciences ( obtained at Birkbeck university London) and I have tutored to degree level in this area and English literature.

English literature has always been a major interest of mine, so when literature and cultural identification came up in my social science degree I took this module and flourished. I now teach English as my subject area at GCSE and A-Level. I also teach Psychology and tutor in Sociology

Although seperate subjects I do believe that these areas interlink and especially for A-Level standard, the inter-discipline approach is vital when aiming for the higher grades and for degree level is essential.

In general I throughly enjoy want I do and it is my aim by the end of my sessions to help my students also take this on and enjoy these subjects to the full.

A major interest of mine is Shakespeare.



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