Kirsty Y.

Kirsty Y.

£25 per hour

I have been teaching Mathematics for 10 years - 8 years in International schools in Spain and 2 years in the UK. I have taught Edexcel, AQA and OCR exam boards from England, the American SAT's in Spain for 3 years and have spent the last year back home on the Isle of Skye in the highlands of Scotland teaching the Scottish SQA curriculum.

Apart for Mathematics I have taught Biology, physics and Chemistry and have taught music.

I encourage students to strive for the best and to understand that the majority of problems in Mathematics is confidence.

Having lived in Barcelona, Spain for 8 years I am also fluent in Spanish and would be able to teach GCSE or A level equivalent.

I am an avid skier, rock climber and also a diving instructor so really try and apply Mathematics to real life context which often keeps the students engaged and can see the reason behind Mathematics.


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