Leah M.

Leah M.

£20 per hour

My name is Leah and I am currently a final year undergraduate Medieval, Modern and Scottish History student at the University of Glasgow. I have just returned from an amazing year abroad studying History at the University of California, Los Angeles, which is currently the number one public research university in the U.S. At university, I have also studied Archaeology, Linguistics and Art History alongside my main degree subject. I do not have many contact hours and so I can be flexible with my schedule. I am considering embarking on a career in teaching or working in education and so I am very enthusiastic about the tutoring role and offer tutoring in History and English.

In my final year of secondary school, I was a classroom assistant in classes from first year to National 5 level. In these classes, I was required to check homework and classwork, ensure that pupils understood what they were learning and provide one-on-one support to pupils who felt they needed an extra hand. This role taught me that each child is a different type of learner and therefore needs a different style of teaching method. Aside from that, I am the oldest sibling of 4 and so I have naturally been tutoring my younger siblings since they began secondary school to help with coursework and exams. I sat National 5s in the first year they were introduced and also Highers and Advanced Highers and so I am familiar with the SQA curriculum and what is required from students. I am also willing to tutor GSCE and A-Level History and English, as I have familiarised myself with this curriculum.

I believe that it is important to work with the tutee to figure out what type of learning works best for them. Whether this be creating mindmaps, practising timed essays, or doing past papers, I am flexible in the teaching methods I will use to best suit the student. I also think it is important to make the lessons interesting and relaxed in order for them to be productive and for the student to engage with the subject at hand.

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