Lorraine L.

Lorraine L.

£35 per hour

I am a qualified teacher with over ten years experience of teaching Science and Biology at GCSE and A Level. I have also taught Chemistry at GCSE and A Level. I have taught in the UK Independent sector and some of the best, British International Schools, and I am driven to ensure that students achieve top grades. I have worked as Head of Biology, Aim Higher Coordinator and as an Assistant Head of Sixth Form. I have successfully supported Medicine, Vet. Medicine and Oxbridge candidates for the past 5 years as they apply to university, and my teaching has consistently been deemed as outstanding.

Contact me with the name of the specification you are studying (e.g. AQA GCSE Biology/iGCSE Chemistry/Edexcel A Level BIology) and a list of areas/topics you would like to focus on. This will enable me to plan tutoring sessions that are effective, deal with your weaknesses/concerns, help you to reach the top grades and use your time wisely.

I am also happy to provide lessons on how to revise effectively, how to understand scientific terminology (which ultimately increases access to the core concepts, exam questions and raises attainment). I have a range of resources which I can share with students to support revision.

Specialist subjects offered:

  • GCSE Biology

  • A Level Biology

  • IB Biology

  • GCSE Chemistry

  • KS3 Science

  • Lessons on How to revise effectively

  • Language in Science (This is particularly useful for students where English is their second language.

  • Supporting EPQ Projects

  • UCAS personal statement support

I am flexible on when I am available, offering tuition during the week and on Sunday.

Introductory offer - tutoring for £35/hr for my first month on this website (until 15th Nov 2019)

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