Ciarán L.

Ciarán L.

£20 per hour

I am currently doing a BA degree in English and Spanish with the Open University. After completion I intend to do a Masters in language and linguistics.

I have various qualifications in teaching English as a foreign language including in particular areas such as IELTS, pronunciation and grammar.

Spanish is another language in which I have vast experience as a tutor. I lived in Madrid for three years and speak the language fluently. In 2017 I obtained a C1 level qualification in Spanish from the Instituto Cervantes. As it is my second language, I understand the difficulties and problems for non-native learners of Spanish such as verb endings and noun/gender agreement. I have great experience in breaking down and explaining these difficulties.

My teaching style is communicative and active, encouraging the student to participate as much as possible, therefore giving them ample opportunities to make mistakes, correct them and learn form them.



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