Charlotte R.

Charlotte R.

£25 per hour

I graduated in 2014 with first class honours in French. I went on to study Translation and achieved my MA in 2015.

I have been tutoring now for 2 years and currently work with several students of all levels.

I have done a placement in an English primary school teaching French, and then the British Council assistant ship 2012/2013 in 3 primary schools teaching English. On the back of that I also did some extra one on one tutoring. I have a passion for French language and culture which I aim to share with my tutees.

From my own experience I think it is important to follow the tutee's needs, and work on those first. For GCSE/A-level students I would focus on the grammar points/conversation topics on the syllabus that the tutee feels they need to work on. I think it is important, like a class to split the session up and focus on two or even three areas.


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