Lucy D.

Lucy D.

£15 per hour

Friendly and confident half-English, half-Russian graduate of Drama and German from the University of Bristol, rated one of the top 20 universities in the world.

Currently teaching Drama to 6-14 year olds in schools and staging productions with the groups that are performed in professional theatres.

I offer language tutoring in GCSE German, Russian and French and in AS and A2 German (A* results for all levels) am very familiar of the requirements in the National Curriculum that need to be fulfilled to achieve top marks. Furthermore, I have lived or spent extensive amounts of time in Russia, France and Germany and am thus fluent or highly-proficient in all three languages.

Drama is my other key interest. I achieved A* in Drama at GCSE and an A at AS Level and am happy to advise on coursework - theoretical and practical - for both levels.

Everyone's abilities with languages and drama varies and I always maintain flexibility when it comes to my teaching approach. Most importantly, I am friendly, patient, always willing to look closely at detail before arriving at a solution and am a good communicator.

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