Luke M.

Luke M.

£20 per hour

Struggling with ICT, Computing or Maths? I can help you.

As a PhD graduate in software engineering with 3 years teaching experience and 2 years in industry, I can help students in the following areas:

  • General computing and IT,
  • Programming fundamentals,
  • Java, C#, Python, Scala, SQL and AngularJS (beginner-advanced),
  • Discrete/computer maths, statistics and data science,
  • Software engineering principles (e.g. development patterns, stages of development, UML, TDD, SOLID, Agile, ethics and law),
  • Databases,
  • Formal verification and validation and software modelling,
  • Dependability, fault-tolerance and reliability,
  • System and network security, software resilience and practical cryptography,
  • Using a command line interface (Linux and Powershell)

As I also have a strong background in Maths, I would also be happy to help GCSE and A-level students in Maths (if statistics or discrete Maths, I can also help undergraduate students with this as well).

I have taught and helped to teach students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and have also taught both GCSE and A-level (mostly those following either the AQA or OCR syllabuses), where I would be happy to teach computing students at any of these levels.

I'm generally available for lessons on weekends between 10am-7pm and weekdays after 6pm and am happy to do sessions from 1-3 hours at £20 per hour. I also offer code reviews, proof-reading and mock marking of past exam papers. The first review is free (to make sure that you're happy with the service) with all subsequent reviews being charged at £20 per hour. I review dissertations at a standard rate of £65.

So, if you need extra help with a GCSE, A-level, undergraduate or postgraduate computing course (or GCSE/A-Level Maths course), feel free to get in touch.


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