Lyndsey D.

Lyndsey D.

£20 per hour

I'm an experienced primary teacher with 18 years of classroom teaching in England, Spain and the USA with ages 3-11, and several years spent as an Assistant Headteacher.

I give private lessons in your home to children of any primary age and ability. I cover all primary subjects, but have specialised in the English curriculum and am passionate about the teaching of reading, phonics, spelling, grammar and writing.

I am a patient, consistent and thorough teacher who enjoys tailoring the lessons I give to each individual pupil. My lessons will usually begin with me modelling the work to the pupil and then guiding them through a similar example before asking them to demonstrate their understanding to me. I will always try to apply the work to a real life context and include resources or subject matter that is interesting for the pupil.

I think there is nothing more pleasing than watching children make progress, gain in confidence and to see them independently completing work they previously found difficult.

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