Moyo S.

Moyo S.

£24 per hour

From the beginning of my educational journey, my academic record has been stellar. From 8 A grades at GCSE (including an A in Maths) to a 2:1 degree classification in Economics with Accounting at Loughborough University (a member of the presitigious Russell Group), working hard and efficiently has consistently led to success.

The 6 years that I have spent teaching in secondary school has been about passing on a winning philosophy to students. Have attended different types of institutions allows me to relate to children that study in different educational environments. It is my ability to engage the emotional brain of students that sets me apart from other educators.

After leaving University, I carried on studying independently. This allows me to empathise with the difficulties that students go through. My belief that one should never stop learning has also led me to attend numerous Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. These are so important at the moment due to all the curriculum changes that have taken place recently. I am extremely well-versed in them all and my teaching abilities are further enhanced by the fact that I am an examiner for one of the most prestigious examination boards in this country.

Further study has allowed me to develop a deep subject knowledge of Maths so that I can provide a high quality learning experience right up to A-level for Maths and 1st year University level Maths for Economics students. My personable nature and high quality teaching techniques invariably lead to long-term custom and referrals. The teaching philosophy that I apply is centred around developing a mindset for success in the early stages. This is developed by making problem solving a key component of lesson activity. When students are comfortable tackling mathematical problems then this makes a huge difference to their confidence and a confident child will succeed in Maths. This is because a confident child is not afraid to make mistakes and learning from mistakes leads to progress.



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