Malini  P.

Malini P.

£30 per hour

I am 42 years old and I am a qualified teacher with a PGCE. I have taught in several schools and colleges my teaching experiences are as follows:


• Cardinal Pole Roman Catholic School, Hackney London (2016/2017) This is where I have completed my first placement as part of the school direct training programme. I was fortunate to come out with a pass where the work was very demanding as majority of the learners came from poor family background with emotional difficulties and a good few with learning difficulties as well. I had to prove to my mentor I was up to the work he would assign to me. Every lesson I taught had a feature I needed to concentrate on whereby on one occasion I was to concentrate on behaviour management and another on assessment for learning using the existing policy of the school and another was delivery of lesson to meet individual needs of learners including those with SEN • Nightingale Academy, Turin Road, Edmonton N9 2017 This is the place where things were slightly different from the above placement. Here we have a lot of EAL learners. It is just as much of a challenge as it was at Cardinal Pole. However the approach to learners here requires a lot more vigilance and specific work for specific groups. I have noticed that they prefer the kinaesthetic style of learning whereby they communicate more with visual representation of tasks. • Hackney Community College, Falkirk Street, Hackney, N1 6HQ (2015) A whole year at this college has involved teaching adults GCSE Mathematics and Numeracy to other adults. I have developed into the spectrum of teaching as such I assessed learners knowledge prior, during and after a lesson among many other tasks during that lesson; differentiation of activities, group work, appropriate and smart lesson planning, observing, critical thinking etc.. • Barking and Dagenham College, Learning Centre, Barking, IG11 7NB (2014) Teaching ‘Bridging the Gap’, a functional Mathematics to adult learners was quite aspiring. I taught handling data and probability. Assessment was in the form of building a portfolio for the learners. Entry was made into their folder for every lesson of learning when it occurred. I also researched relevant resources which had to go into learners’ portfolios as well as for teaching purposes. It was great teaching learners functional Mathematics which involved using a lot of real life examples for teaching and learning. • Private Tutor in London (2009-2013) Teaching as a private tutor: I have taught several students of different age range. I have applied my knowledge gained for my PGCE secondary in teaching young learners as well as key stage four students. I have always drafted a mini lesson plan when teaching one to one. I have always had differentiated activities for my learners and assessed their learning thereof.

• Bsix College, Kenninghall Road, London E5 8BP (2008) Teaching A level Mathematics: I have always made sure that learners were actively on task. I have the ability to adapt my lesson and make improvisation. I do well in scaffolding activities to support learners. I made sure that I was available for learners listening to them in lesson as well as in the workshop. Thorough planning for them was very important for me. • New Educational Private Secondary School, Bel Air, Mauritius (2006-2007) Teaching year 7, year 8, year 10: I acted as a form tutor here for the year 10 group. It was an enjoying experience to follow progress of my learners and associate with parents to discuss learners work. I believe this is where I gained my confidence that I can be an effective teacher. • Universal Private Secondary School, Riv-du-Rempart. Mauritius (2005) Teaching A level Mathematics and carrying out an action research: This position was a challenging one with a group of 10 students. I carried out an action research over a period on ‘teaching trigonometry using discovery learning method’ an approach not familiar with them. The result was rewarding. Learners preferred the discovery method to the teacher centred. • Mr Edwards Saturday School, Langham School, London (1998-2004) Teaching age range 11-15 as a whole group: working at the Saturday school was a time I could share my knowledge of mathematics when I was also studying for my degree with the OU. It was a joyful learning experience as I was mentored by other teachers in the field with vast knowledge.

• Tutoring company, Old Steine, Brighton, BN1 1EL (2000)One to one tuition in the North London area: acting as a private tutor was also something I did alongside my studies. It gave me tremendous openness to be with a learner, to share my knowledge I was learning at the Saturday school, and see the learner progress to success. It was a bond I built with some of my learners until they finished their exams.


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