Marta C.

Marta C.

£20 per hour

Enthusiastic, hardworking and clever, I feel like teaching and learning from my students every single day, because teachers and students teach and learn from each other. For me, teaching History is the passion for transmitting knowledge in the classroom further away from the simple historical facts, dates, treaties and numerous conflicts which provide our Universal History. Knowing how to use the History and Geography help us to understand the world around us, contribute to creating a critical thinking and an intellectual non-conformism which answer the basic historic thought questions: How? When? Why? Who? All of this is leaning on information and communication technologies as tools which allow virtual interaction, contributing to the creation of a didactic in which playful methodology allows: introduce ideas, reinforce them, strengthen them and revise them.

During my volunteer period at Bedford Boys School, I had the opportunity to learn from the British curriculum in Modern Foreign Languages at the same time I knew how was the system of Education thanks to my simultaneous work period as an Au-pair. In addition, my personal development was completed in the Spanish curriculum as a part of the Master enable to be a teacher in this country. Learning from the management of classroom and using new methodologies related with music and tales, learning by doing and project-based learning contributed in a huge sense in my personal development and gave me the guides to know what kind of teacher I wanted to become.

In the same way, I have been learning from the education system in Ontario Province (Canada) and taking some courses at the University of Ottawa in holistic education, inclusive education and research in education field which is a complement of my archaeological research formation. As well, having the opportunity of teaching History, Geography and Social Sciences in general in High schools across Ottawa become a great framework of learning in whole senses: how Canadian education is built such as huge community and how the schools are safe atmospheres for the students, items that are present in the society.

In addition, as a personal development in the future, I have some ideas in mind such as development methodology of virtual games and interactions with historical and geographical rules (real rules) as a tool of learning. I would like to put in some survey project as a PhD mixing all my background and all the experience as I can during my professional career as a teacher.

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