Matthew F.

Matthew F.

£75 per hour

I am the Head of Philosophy and Theology at a leading independent school in London. I teach GCSE Religious Studies and currently have the time to take on two additional students.

I have a First-class degree in Politics, and a Master’s in Sociology from the University of Cambridge. My academic fascination with education and pedagogy propelled me into teaching.

As a philosophy teacher, I believe it’s important to cultivate children’s natural curiosity, and that doing so demonstrably benefits other aspects of their lives. I’m interested in alternative approaches to education and I’ve delivered county-wide training in Harkness Learning ( at Sussex University. I thoroughly enjoy helping students grow in their own understanding of the world around them, allowing them to see why people believe what they believe.

I'm highly interested in alternative approaches to learning and education. Alternative, that is, from the mainstream school system. As somebody who very much lucked into finding a passion for academia (albeit after bouncing between many subjects), I fully appreciate how schooling often leaves people disillusioned and nervous about learning. However, I personally draw a line between schooling and education. The former groups people arbitrarily and as a result the teacher often has to teach to the lowest common denominator whilst engaging in crowd control. The latter is about personal development and critical, creative thinking. I like to think I specialise in education, not schooling.


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