Matthew R.

Matthew R.

£30 per hour

Hello, I am currently teaching Year 4 in a primary school in Walsall. I have previously taught in Year 1 as well as supporting the teaching of mathematics in Year 6. I am in my 7th year of teaching and still thoroughly enjoy the role.

I am currently the mathematics coordinator and have also coordinated science and computing within primary schools.

My main passion in education is teaching a well-balanced mathematics curriculum within schools and challenging but fun tutoring sessions. My aim is to identify any gaps or misconceptions in children's learning before ploughing through topics. This has shown to improve children's confidence as they are aware of their own improvements academically.

My degree was a specific Primary Education 3 year course and I have over 3 years’ experience in KS1 and 4 years’ experience in KS2 as a qualified teacher. I am able to provide tutoring for any of the Primary subjects in any age range.


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