I am a 24 year-old qualified teacher whose native language is French. I have been teaching children and adults for three years and tutoring for 5 years now. I am mainly interested in modern languages, having lived in 3 different countries up to now and knowing 4 different languages. However, I am also qualified to teach Math that I studied up to A Level.

I am passionate about languages and making education enjoyable. This passion shows in the way I teach. Throughout my career, I have been recognised for delivering inclusive, stimulating and dynamic lessons in a positive atmosphere where every student is welcome. I enjoy building good relationships with students and have a supportive manner. I make my lessons interesting in order to motivate my students and to enable them to achieve in languages. I exemplified that in my practice through using authentic materials as well as games and many speaking activities. I have also learnt how to respond to a range of students' needs but also how to challenge and stretch their abilities. Eventually, I am conversant with the former and new GCSE.


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