Mahboobeh K.

Mahboobeh K.

£35 per hour

I am a qualified full-time Maths, Physics and Science teacher with over 16 years teaching experience offering Maths, Science and Physics for various levels from KS1 to A-level.

I graduated with an MSc degree in the field of Physics. I am the best-awarded student for my BSc degree, and second for the MSc degree while I was working as a teacher during my studies, too. Award for the best graduate student at high school (for my diploma in Mathematics and Physics) is also one of my achievements.

Apart from working for schools in London, I am also involved with private tutor jobs, working with students at my free times. I have also participated in some voluntary positions at Kensington & amp; Chelsea ageUK, occasionally.

Teaching/Tutoring Experience: I have an active life-long commitment to teaching for over 16 years as a Maths and Physics teacher and tutor working for schools. Initially, I established my teaching experience in Iran as Maths/Physics teacher; and then, I continued the same positions since I moved to London, in 2010. I am currently working as a teacher for a School in London teaching Maths/Physics GCSE and A-Level. I have contributed to the development of learning programs through the whole process. It includes identifying individual needs by initial/diagnostic assessments and interviewing of learners conducted by myself during the enrollment, referring students to relevant internal and external professionals, teaching and tutoring students, the design of innovative and cooperative teaching/learning methods/material/handouts, the design of assessment methods and formative assessment throughout the course, GCSE and A-Level exam preparation covering AQA, OCR, and Edexcel exam boards. I also was succeeded to engage students in participating in the teaching/learning and self-assessment by various class activities, a group working and use of technology such as augmented reality, mobile learning, flashcards, game technology, active inspire, and online resources, too.

During my time at schools in London, I was able to succeed in teaching, organising and assisting duties and tasks. As a result, I learned how to operate and communicate in a changing yet complex environment and gained knowledge of teaching and supporting students. I am highly professional and expert to cover new GCSE specification, lead to new teachers and solve all the questions.

Skills: During my time at working for high schools, I have been able to succeed in teaching, organising and assisting duties and tasks. I support the Unit Teachers with more than one hundred employees (teachers and staff) in all case teaching, leadership, and administering duties, registration, enrollment, induction, processing files, laboratory management, scheduling examinations and inventory of supplies, including training and addressing concerns for new GCSE specifications. I have always been a collaborative and cooperative professional with a particular interest in leasing with colleagues, attending various weekly and monthly meetings, providing the report to managers, attending the vocational training courses to promote both our courses. As a result, I have learnt how to operate and communicate in a changing yet complex environment and gained knowledge of teaching and assisting other staff at the school.

I hold PGCE degree, Level 3 and 4 Certificate in Education and Training.

Qualification: I obtained BSc in teaching Physics (UK equivalent PGCE), MSc in physics together with level 3 award in education and training (PTTLs), and completing my first-year level 5 diploma in teacher training (DET) with the view to complete DET in June 2018. I also obtained level 2 English, Maths A-level, AAT level 2, and level 3 in the UK.


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