Hi, I'm Matthew Tucker, and I started the private tutoring company Upgrade Tuition. Being a private tutor and mainstream teacher for over 8 years including head of department positions, I have much experience at moving teaching and learning to the next level. I am fully qualified in Teaching English having Masters and Degree level training in both English and Media studies as well as graphics, art, and animation. Using modern technological approaches I can provide near unlimited scope for interactive and rich dynamic learning experiences that are stimulating as well as covering the full requirements of any curriculum and exam board. Having a strong media industry experience for over 10 years in a variety of disciplines including working for Virgin Media Television, the BBC on Doctor who, MOBO, Documentary films, shorts, and a feature film have given me the creative and strategic edge when it comes to thinking outside of the box. I provide adaptive solutions to learning gaps and plotting secure flight paths of achievement in a way that is unique, exciting and fun.

Being an exam strategy expert, I can provide masterclasses in exam practice as well as utilising scientifically proven memory techniques to train the mind to remember necessary information through various methods which have empowered students with cutting edge skills which they can take with them well beyond their existing units of study for years to come.

Using online resources such as Skype, google classroom and zoom I can deliver online lessons and bespoke learning resources to support and underpin key learning concepts remotely for completion on paper or online and can remotely mark and give live feedback on digital work done.

I work with mainstream students and home school students, and I'm able to work with any resources that students may already be familiar with and construct new ones as needed to supplement their present unit of learning.

Having worked extensively with preparing students for 11+ testing, SATs, GCSE, IGCSE, A-level, BTEC, and university level disciplines over the years, I can be of excellent support to you and your child.


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