Jake W.

Jake W.

£20 per hour

I enjoy working with numbers and have a sound understanding of the subject, achieving grade A in my A-levels. Mathematics also contributes in many ways to the study of life sciences, which is why it made up an important component of my Medical Science degree. Many concepts and formulas in mathematics are used to obtain quantitative data. For example, probability has a major role in the study of genetics. I carried out statistics modules as this has a major application in data analysis, to identify trends and look at data quality. In addition, mathematics has a major role in day-to-day laboratory work. Experiencing first-hand the wide application of mathematics, is why I am so enthusiastic about the subject of mathematics and life sciences.

During my lessons, I always show students the ‘big idea’ and how what they are learning can be applied in ‘real life’. This helps develop a deeper understanding of the subject and also makes my lessons more engaging and relevant.

I am currently teaching maths and science in a secondary school, therefore I am very familiar with the curriculum. I have a wealth of tutoring experience, with proven results. I can explain topics in many different ways, therefore can adapt my teaching to the students preferred learning style. In addition, I use variety of questioning styles to ensure that the student fully understands.

Finally, I like to familiarise students with the types of question they will experience in the exam. Therefore, my lessons usually build up to an exam-style question at the end. This builds confidence and is just one of my unique, proven ways to achieving success and conveying my enthusiasm for these subject areas.


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