Ali A.

Ali A.

£45 per hour

I have a first-class MEng degree from UCL in Mathematics and Computer Science. I am working full-time as a Machine Learning Engineer at a tech startup. I have 4 years of tutoring experience and enjoy tutoring as an extra-curricular activity.

In late 2010, I came to the UK where I joined the school halfway through Year Eleven. Although the GCSEs were taught in English, I was able to overcome the language barrier to achieve an A in GCSE Mathematics and an A in GCSE Additional Science within half a year. During the next two years, I did my A-Levels and I achieved A*AAAA. I was the first person in my school's history to do all 18 A-Level Maths modules. I was awarded a level 3 Key Skills award in Improving Own Learning and Performance since I improved my English language skills.

I tutored a second-year computer science university student. When I first saw him, he has forgotten most of the Java knowledge that he learned last year, but after having 7 hours with me, he is now confident of doing his assignments without needing my help. I thought him how to use a better IDE which makes his coding life a lot easier.

I also helped a student achieving a B in her GSCE Maths in year 5, and helped her to achieve excellent results in her 11+ exams and get full scholarship offers from 3 prestigious London schools.

I also tutored 3 brothers for two and a half years, and helped them with GSCE and A-Level Maths and Further Maths. Two of them achieved A in A-Level maths. and I am helping the third one to achieve an A* next summer.

These are only a few of many students which I helped. I don't only help my students during the lesson. I also answer their questions outside the lesson. Unlike some other tutors, I am happy to spend some time learning something new in order to help a student, even if it was an ancient programming language.


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