Nasir M.

Nasir M.

£32 per hour

I'm a finance professional working in investment banking sector. I have a very strong background of Business, Accounting and Financial Management Studies. I'm an ACCA and studying toward my final level of CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) while working in the industry, so you can expect a very strong understanding of accounting, financial management and investments.

Because of my professional, and academic background, I am able to simplify the accounting, financial management and investments' concepts and introduce it in a systematic way. Exercises will be given regularly to ensure students fully understand the concept and be able to handle difficult and tricky questions. As a result, my students can expect to achieve excellent academic performance in the exams.

I studied ACCA and CAIA from Kaplan Financial and also planning to start CFA from there. Professionally, I'm working as a Research Analyst in investment banking sector analysing European and Cross-Border Mutual Funds and important changes in the industry.

I am very easy going and down to earth person and hence am able to establish and maintain friendly relationships with my students.

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