Nuzra M.

Nuzra M.

£20 per hour

I'm currently studying Biomedical Science (Third year) at Middlesex University and I'm willing to tutor any students for Chemistry, Maths and French. Please PM me for any information about the availability.

I am also tutoring at Tuition Base center for students needing help in GCSE Maths and GCSE Chemistry.

I understand that students looking for tuition come from a range of backgrounds and make progress at different rates so will have patience and persistence in helping students understand concepts. I believe that one of the best things to do from the start is have a common understanding of the student's aim so that we can work towards that together. As part of my education I have picked up some good techniques which I can impart onto students. Also, as part of sessions I will also give example questions to test how much the student has understood and work on anything they haven’t understood.


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