Oliver S.

Oliver S.

£20 per hour

I have six months of formal teaching experience working in both geography and economics up to A Level to both classes and individuals.

It's always hard to define what draws you to a subject like Geography. For me, it's the breadth of the discipline that means that regardless of how you're feeling on a particular day they'll be something to be enthusiastic about. The best way to do well in a subject is to start enjoying it, and it's always been my goal to instill interest as well as ability in students.

In my teaching, I've always believed that structure is key to success. Even more important than this structure, is that the lessons are delivered as an enjoyable and natural conversation rather than information just being dictated. This serves to make the sessions an enjoyable and anticipated part of the week, rather than a chore to get out of the way.

In the first session, we will set a goal to achieve whether this is covering new material in the syllabus or just working towards a target grade. In a similar fashion to the Oxford tutorial system, before sessions, a short set of questions will be set for the student to work. At the session, we will spend some time going through the questions and working through any areas of difficulties. This means that specific issues and confusions can be addressed quickly before covering new material.

During the run-up to exams, time will be more focused on exam material to ensure that students are comfortable and prepared to achieve their potential. With previous students some time has been dedicated to working on effective revisions strategies.

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