I am a coaching entrepreneur, NGO co-founder and final year MEng Aerospace Engineering student from the University of Bristol, UK: a TOP 3 UNIVERSITY IN AEROSPACE

I have worked in three different educational consultancies, providing bespoke services to the brightest minds of today's generations.

My technical abilities are complemented by my trained communication and pedagogic skills. I am a certified practitioner of neuroscience techniques applied to learning and I am completing my certification in life, purpose and goal setting coaching.

I have been granted a full scholarship into the 'Coaching for Managers' program of the Graduate Management School of UC Davis in California.

My expertise lies in higher education application processes, physics, maths, chemistry, further maths and engineering at primary to university level. On top of this I clarify client's purposes and enable them to outperform peers by proven methods.

I have completed both British and Spanish educational systems (A-levels,IGCSE, Bachillerato) and scored in top 2% nationally in the advanced physics and mathematics exams.


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