Matt G.

Matt G.

£25 per hour

I'm a PhD student in philosophy at the University of St Andrews, where I tutor in philosophy and logic.

• Education

I'm taking a PhD in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews (with a full Arts and Humanities Research Council Scholarship), having taken an MLitt in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews (with a Leverhume Scholarship), and a BA and MA in Philosophy at the University of Leeds (with a Leverhume Scholarship and the Mangoletsi Scholarship in Theoretical Philosophy).

I have been president of the British Undergraduate Philosophy Society and Leeds University Philosophical Society, and editor-in-chief of the British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy and the Journal of Leeds University Philosophical Society.

• Teaching Experience

  • Private Tutor (2009-present).
  • Logic Tutor, University of Leeds (2009-16).
  • University Proctor in Philosophy, University of Leeds (2014-15).
  • University Tutor in Philosophy and Logic, University of St Andrews (2019-present).
  • Examiner (marker and invigilator), University of St Andrews (2019-present).

• Tuition

I offer tuition in a number of different areas, from specific tuition in a variety of logics and philosophical topics through to general tuition in academic skills. I can help students with each or any of these aspects from entry level, through school, undergraduate, and postgraduate, to PhD, whether for a particular application, course, module, or dissertation that you're taking, or for general interest.

  • General academic skills: essay and dissertation planning, essay writing, essay assessment, exam preparation, proof reading, university applications, funding applications, and curriculum vitae preparations.

  • Philosophy: philosophy of logic, philosophy of philosophy, philosophy of language, formal semantics, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of mind, history of philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, metaethics, political philosophy, and philosophy of religion.

  • Logic: reasoning, informal logic, classical logics, second-order logics, plural logics, modal logics (e.g., alethic, epistemic, doxastic, deontic, and temporal logics, etc.), set theory, proof theory, model theory, metalogic (e.g., soundness, completeness, Godel incompleteness, etc.), and a variety of other strange and exotic logics.

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