Alan C.

Alan C.

£20 per hour

Hi, I`m Alan, a friendly and patient full-time maths tutor and part-time teacher.

I am an intelligent guy, with the ability to break things down to their simplest forms. I’m also patient and a good listener, with the ability to understand the way someone else thinks about a problem. I think it’s the combination of these qualities that makes me a natural tutor. Even before becoming a teacher, I experienced time after time, that when people had a problem understanding something, it was me they`d come to.


I`m 62 years old but have only been a teacher for 17 years. This means I have a lifetime of real experiences outside teaching: 20 years as an aircraft technician using maths and physics and 10 years in the business and computing world.

Since becoming a full-time maths tutor I’ve given after school help to over a hundred students with their GCSE and A level maths courses. I have also taught home schooled children, adult learners, International Baccalaureate and QTS.


Let me know what your aim is; be it to understand that topic/module you just can’t get!, to go through past papers, or to learn a whole course from start to finish, between us we can agree the best approach for you, and prepare a plan of action to ensure you achieve your goals.

My aim is to develop a students confidence and identify any barriers to learning. Effective learning and thinking skills can be developed through gentle questioning and guiding a student so they are able to actively take part and interact during the lesson. I feel it is important as a tutor to develop listening skills so that one can pick-up on areas where the student needs support.

I believe my experience and enthusiastic approach helps me to present difficult concepts in a simple way. Its important for me that a student engage in the lesson, have fun while learning and make good progress.


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