Popi K.

Popi K.

£20 per hour

I am a Biology graduate, fluent in English and in Greek, with GCE A levels in Biology, Geography and Accounting.

I gained my Bachelor's degree in Biology in 2006, from the University of Nottingham, and later on I moved on to get my Master's degree in Environmental Management in 2007. I have always been passionate in learning of the functions and mechanisms of living things in their ecosystems and environments, so educating myself in the biological and Environmental Sciences was ideal.

I then moved on to work in a microbiological laboratory, where I was trained on conducting and evaluating microbiological analyses in environmental samples, such as water, soil, food. Furthermore, I was trained on key laboratory skills and methods, such as ISO 17025.

Next, I went on to get my Masters in Environmental Health from the Cyprus University of Technology in association with Harvard School of Public Health, where I was trained by Harvard professors in the areas of risk assessment, exposure assessment, physiology, biostatistics, water pollution, toxicology, environmental law.

Currently I am working on my PhD in Environmental Engineering, which deals with the microbiological quality of treated wastewater effluents and the presence of antibiotic resistance in the environment. I am trained and have taught various courses in engineering, microbiology, environmental science, water pollution and risk and exposure assessments in environment, in association with human health.

I look forward to assisting students with their work at all levels, starting from basic all the way to more advanced academic or professional level.

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