Carol O.

Carol O.

£20 per hour

I have been teaching and tutoring for the past two and a half years and am a highly qualified teacher with QTS (qualified teacher status) in both the UK and the US. I have been a math tutor for the past two years to primary through GCSE level students, and have worked as a researcher and data analyst prior to teaching. I have a masters degree in demography and statistics and a bachelors degree in international relations and sociology.

My initial approach to tutoring is to get to know my students. Having a good understanding of my students enables me to offer bespoke tutoring services. I seek to find out what their interests and learning styles are so that I can impart knowledge of the subject matter in a way that is most effective and engaging for them. I am usually interested in knowing what my students' tutoring goals are and elicit their feedback from time to time in order to find out how effective they believe our sessions are in enabling them to reach those goals. This information serves as a useful guide to the pace and range of my tutoring sessions. I believe that, given the right tools/resources, every student can learn, and I do my best to ensure that my students attain their learning goals.


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