I am a first year student of Modern and Medieval Languages, specifically Spanish and German, at the University of Cambridge. I studied my GCSEs and A levels at a state school in Leicestershire, and I am the only person in the past two school years (2014-2015) from my school to study at Oxbridge.

For my age, I am very experienced in the tutoring field of work. I taught GCSE French to the same small group of More-Able students for two years, whilst I was doing my A levels. Additionally, I worked with small, mixed-ability groups of students for one year in a GCSE Spanish class, when I had already finished my AS levels. My role during the two years of A levels was an 'Academic Mentor'; however I worked very hard for this and took it as far as I could to stretch the students. I have also led a French club in a local primary school and led a Spanish club in a 11-14 year old school.

I got 4 As at AS level in English Literature, French, Spanish and Mathematics, and 3 A*s at A2 level in English Literature, French and Spanish. I started German from scratch at University; however, I now have a level roughly equivalent to a High B1 - Mid B2 in German. I may no longer study French, but I am still enthusiastic for the subject. In French, I had written a short story for fun called 'Sans Essayer' before coming to University, which is published on an online site.

My specialities, due to having the most experience with these qualifications, are GCSE French and Spanish. I am able to teach Spanish and French to A level, as well as English Literature if required. I can teach German and Maths to GCSE. I am also keen to teach any of my three languages at a conversational level.

I know what it is like to have to work hard to achieve something big. I know how frustrating it can feel to want to achieve big things but feel like the work is 'too much'. I hope that my calm, yet enthusiastic approach for my subjects will mean all tutoring sessions can be enjoyable, challenging and optimally practical for the tutee's needs.

NOTE: Due to my university schedule, I am choosing to tutor only 2-3 students at any one time. This is both due to personal time constraints and also so that I can focus all my 'tutoring-attention' on just a couple of individuals, hopefully making the tutoring sessions even more useful.


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