Rachel G.

Rachel G.

£36 per hour

I first started tutoring some of my fellow students in Elementary Logic during my second year at University and greatly enjoyed helping people improve their understanding of the subject and gain higher marks. Once my degree was completed I began tutoring A-Level students in Religious Studies and Philosophy in the Leeds area before moving to the South East.

My role as tutor is not only to help the student understand the concepts involved but also to gain the confidence to discuss those concepts in an analytical manner. Religious Studies and Philosophy are disciplines that greatly benefit from one-on-one tuition due to the complexity of the issues. In large lesson groups individuals can easily become confused and aren’t always able to receive the instant feedback needed to further explore the subject matter.

As a tutor not only do I expand students’ knowledge base but also engage students in a positive way with the subject. If students have been finding a subject difficult their enjoyment of learning can become affected and they can lose the motivation needed to gain a broader understanding. By showing enthusiasm for my subject and using relevant examples and discussion points I reintegrate fun back into learning about the subject.

During my time tutoring I have noticed how easily students can lose confidence in their abilities, which at times can be a barrier in their learning. By encouraging students to ask questions, looking at what they are doing right and breaking down topics into their simplest formulation, I help the individual gain confidence in the subject and the skills to answer questions fully.

I have worked with students with a broad range of abilities, from those that need some extra help to reach their full potential, to those that aren’t in mainstream schooling and as such don’t have any previous knowledge of the subject. Some students are very visual in their learning, others are very shy and need a lot of encouragement to speak, and there are others who are extremely capable if you ask them the right questions. Using a range of resources I can tailor a programme of study to suit each student.

The potential of tutoring can only be maximised if each student feels comfortable in lessons, so I actively try to cultivate a good working relationship with each student. After all, if I were not enthusiastic and passionate about the subject it would be impossible to motivate any students to be enthusiastic about it! So far all my students have improved their performance by at least by two grade boundaries following tuition with me.



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