Ramsey E.

Ramsey E.

£26 per hour

Recent first class Master's graduate from the University of Edinburgh now offering online computer science and programming tuition. Three years teaching experience, familiar with GCSE and A-Level exam boards, and track record of improving grade outcomes and student confidence.

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh, having studied a five-year integrated Master's degree in informatics (a mixture of computer science, software engineering, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, data science, machine learning, and robotics), and for my dissertation project I built a dung beetle robot, programmed the robot with a neural model of navigational behaviour, and travelled to South Africa to test its behaviour against real dung beetles.

For the last three years of my degree, I was trained and employed by the university to teach first- and second-year informatics courses, in total teaching 11 groups of up to 20 students, plus ~50 additional 1-on-1 hours for struggling and resit students. During this period I was three times nominated for the university's Best Student Who Tutors Award, and completed a teaching qualification that gives me Associate Fellow status with the UK's Higher Education Academy.

I've now been tutoring online for more than two school terms and have helped 11 GCSE and A-Level students through their final exams (mostly AQA and OCR), with a track record of improving grade outcomes and student confidence. I still consider tutoring a learning experience however and will continue to prepare for each and every lesson by working through and revising your preferred exam board's specification, recommended textbooks and past exam papers.

My teaching methodology revolves around preparing you for exam-style questions as soon as possible and developing your independent study skills as far as possible. Every student and lesson is different, but this usually means working through exam questions together with me asking "what should we do next?". This ensures the focus remains on the topics that matter the most, and also provides an opportunity to practise exam technique: what order to attempt questions, how to budget your time, and what to write when you don't know where to start.

In our sessions, there is never any pressure for you to be right, or even to answer. We'll always maintain a relaxed and informal environment, and if you're not sure what to do next, I'll help you. Over time, the aim will be for my inputs to decrease until you suddenly find yourself answering exam questions all by yourself!

I'm interested in teaching you no matter your level: I believe that every skill (even in maths and science) is learnable by anyone (even you) and then speed and accuracy come with practice. I understand the frustration of not knowing where to start when approaching a new problem -- hopefully, I can convince you that such problems can always be broken down into simpler chunks and that doing so can be fun, satisfying, and give you that confident feeling of knowing that you are as prepared for an exam as humanly possible.

One student gave a 5-star rating and wrote the following review:

"I did 33 lessons in total with Ramsey. In every lesson his combination of preparation, clear explanation and patience enabled my understanding and confidence to grow. By the time the exam came around I was as well prepared as I could possibly have hoped to be and that showed in my final result which was higher than I was predicted !!

I can honestly say, without Ramsey I would not have got the grade I achieved which in reality, would probably have meant that I missed out on the University I am now going to attend. I cannot recommend Ramsey highly enough and am massively grateful for the help he provided me."



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