Ranim T.

Ranim T.

£25 per hour

Hi, I am Ranim and I`m currently studying Law at the London School of Economics.

I`ve been tutoring for a year now and have achieved excellent grades in the subjects I offer. I love pushing others to get the grades they deserve and making sure each student is mentally challenged in order to understand what I am teaching them. I look forward to making lessons enjoyable as well as informative and delivering excellent results.

I achieved 7 A and 3 A GCSE grades including A in English Language and Mathematics. I also achieved A*AB at A level (Psychology, Economics, Maths).

In addition, I applied to university twice which means I have double the experience with personal statements! I successfully applied to Oxford for Experimental Psychology so I can give meaningful advice on the application process. I also successfully applied for Law at LSE which gives me the upper hand when delivering excellent advice on the UCAS process.

I thoroughly enjoy guiding others to figure out the answers they need rather than spoon-feeding them the entire method. I believe that maths skills are mastered in this way and once this happens, all it takes is just practice to achieve the top grades.

My age means that I have very recently experienced sitting the GCSE exams and A-level exams not long ago. My familiarity with the courses and the curriculum is vital for a great tutor-student relationship and will aid us in understanding each other.

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

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