Regina S.

Regina S.

£30 per hour

Native speaker of Greek and qualified teacher with 12 years teaching experience. I am passionate about offering my students the opportunity to explore the maximum of their potential and achieve success. Also, examiner for Greek GCSE exams with great experience in all types of GCSE exams preparation.

Currently I am preparing students for their GCSE exams and am delivering lessons to adults who want to start learning or improve their Greek.

I have short-term students, who afterwards were able to use their Greek on their very first visit to Greece or Cyprus, as well as long-term students whose progress and enjoyment I am excited to witness in our lessons. They are all passionate about learning the language and in our lessons they are encouraged to use it from the very beginning.

My lessons are communicative and include all skills, with emphasis on building up students' confidence in speaking. Due to my vast experience in the education sector, I have the ability to address my students' interests and adapt to their needs from the very first lesson. As I teach all sorts of nationalities, cultural references is one of the most important components of my lessons as it is proven to be an enjoyable and most effective learning strategy. I have a wide range of material to choose from, including video, audio, flashcards and other games. I always try to incorporate music in my lessons, as it has been proven to be a major facilitator of the language learning process.

My students benefit from my knowledge of music and experience as music educator as I can easily connect learning language to Greek fun songs. This helps them learn and memorise specific language areas, such as vocabulary, phrases, numbers, or idioms. I believe the use of music in language learning is an invaluable tool for all ages.

My additional experience as a Violin and EFL teacher in Greece and the UK at various language schools and summer schools has given me valuable insight on students' needs and interests.


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