I have extensive tutoring experience in a variety of fields. I have tutored family and friends in Maths, Biology and Chemistry. I have expert knowledge in areas which students find difficult, such as, in Biology Aerobic Respiration (Glycolysis, Link Reaction, Krebs Cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation), Photosynthesis, Transcription Factors. Calculating and constructing Redox Titration equations in Chemistry. Integration and Differentiation in Mathematics. I can teach all major exam boards such as Edexcel, OCR, Cambridge, AQA, WJEC. I have just successfully completed my A-Levels and I have the confidence to share my knowledge with you and make you understand the key concepts which are compulsory for your studies!

If you wish to have a session, please book a session by messaging me, also message me with the details you wish to go through as well as the topics so I can prepare a lesson.

Thank you.


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