Rebecca K.

Rebecca K.

£20 per hour

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am a Biology/Chemistry tutor at GCSE and A-level.

Having done the A-levels and GCSEs of Biology and Chemistry myself, I acknowledge the difficulties that students' face, as well as particular needs and weaknesses on certain topics.

I have obtained my BSc of Biochemistry at King's College London, providing me with an in-depth knowledge of biology and chemistry modules combined.

I then proceeded by completing my MA in Advanced Educational Practice with Merit, at UCL. Having been a tutor of biology and chemistry for the past 4 years I am capable of lesson planning based on the student's requirements and goal setting to better motivate and engage students in the lesson.

As a native greek speaker I could provide any assistance in greek lessons pronunciation and grammar.

The sessions are solely based on the learning style of the student and covers both curriculum and exam practice questions, with the aim of achieving maximum understanding and grasping of the module studied.

Looking forward to helping out students and sharing my love for science! :)


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