Rosa  P.

Rosa P.

£15 per hour

Hello! My name is Rosa . I recently graduated from college in 2015 doing my GCSE'S and A-Levels and successfully passed the grades I wanted. In my spare time, I like to find something to do to keep me motivated and busy at all times. On every other day, I love to create DIY’s projects because it helps me with my creativeness. Also, every weekends I love to film/create YouTube videos on Vlogs. For sports, I enjoy swimming and playing rounders on Sundays. I regularly socialise with my friends and family while going out on short day trips into town and I often get involved in joint projects with my friends or family.

For the past 2 years I have been doing home tutoring students with different ages and still love to continue my hobby as I believe every child should expand their abilities and creative knowledge. During my college years I have been training for St Barbados which is an organization supporting children who needs help in understanding subjects in school or learning English from a foreign country. Tasks I have been managing to do is guiding children through reading to help them understand English language and Supporting children in problems such as speech or confidence. I love to make my lessons as knowledgeable and fun so that every effort has a reward.

Furthermore I am also the managing director for a small tutoring organisation called 'Build Me Up'.

What is 'Build Me up'? We are a small team of tutors willing to help teach children between the ages of 3-16. Our services include teaching Maths, English, Sciences and more academic subjects. ( primary, GCSE and A-level ). Since we have only started this organisation in the beginning of January 2017, 'Build me up' has multiple positive reactions from parents and students enjoying our resources. As a team we try our very best to prepare a suitable, fun and knowledgeable resources in our scheme.

Joshua - Surbiton "I always enjoy learning my tutor. She makes her lessons organised" - February 2017

Our goal/Aim -Our aim is to expand our branch through our services in the future. - Further expertise our teaching.

Things to consider 'Build me up' - Preparing the learning environment and resources. Valuing and displaying children’s work. - I can contribute ideas for lessons on a daily basis. - Helping to encourage children’s development, independence, self-reliance, initiative and problem-solving skills. -Maintaining respectful and genuine interaction with children. - Following the health & safety procedures to maintain a healthy & safe environment

Availability : Monday 9 am - 10 pm Tuesday 9 am - 10 pm Wednesday 9 am - 10 pm Thursday 9 am - 10 pm Saturday 4 pm - 10 pm Sunday 4 pm - 10 pm

I believe to be a good tutor is :
- To Engage in students interests - To Able to work out students weaknesses - To Be Patient - Making lessons effective and fun as possible - Motivating students to their abilities.

Subjects - Maths Maths (Primary, KS3, GCSE) Mechanics (A-Level) Statistics (A-Level)

  • English English (Primary, KS3, GCSE, A-Level) English Literature (Primary, KS3, GCSE, A-Level, Degree) Phonics (Primary, KS3) Reading (Primary, KS3) Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (Primary, KS3) Essay Writing Dissertation Writing.

  • Science Biology (GCSE)

  • Languages English as a Foreign Language (EFL) (Primary, KS3, GCSE, A-Level) Malay (Primary, KS3, GCSE, A-Level) Languages (Primary, KS3, GCSE) IELTS and ESOL (Primary, KS3, GCSE)

  • Humanities & Arts Art (Primary, KS3) Food Technology (Primary, KS3) Textiles (KS3) Drama (Primary, KS3) Child Development (KS3, GCSE, A-Level, Degree) Religious Education (Primary, KS3, GCSE)

  • Business and Professional Studies Business Studies (GCSE) Leisure Studies (A-Level) Leisure and Tourism (GCSE, A-Level) Travel and Tourism (GCSE, A-Level) Functional Skills (Maths, English, Level 1, Level 2)

  • Computing Information Technology

  • Admissions* Admissions (Primary) Seven Plus (7+) Eight Plus (8+) Non-verbal reasoning Verbal reasoning School Advice - University Advice

  • Primary and Early Years* Eleven Plus (11+) Primary (Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2) Early Years and Reception SATs

  • Special Educational Needs* Special Educational Needs Dyslexia Autism

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